History of the Bloodhound

The British Bloodhound first arrived with the Normans and these hounds became particularly popular in the Borders used by protecting property against poachers and cattle thieves. Indeed such were their numbers that a special levy was raised to support the large packs.

Today all Bloodhounds are black and tan, or red. The Bloodhound possesses the keenest sense of smell of any other dog breed and can track scent that is many days old over considerable distances.

For us today enjoying a day’s sport with a bloodhound pack promises great excitement, encompassing the thrill of the chase whilst watching some of the most captivating hounds in the world go about their work with consummate skill and obvious enjoyment. Any one involved in looking after these hounds will testify to their energy, their boisterousness and sheer wilfulness which requires a great deal of patience and tactfulness to contain and train for our sport.