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What 3 Words for all meets . Sunday 14th August. 8am move off Evenlode Grounds Farm Evenlode GL56 0YS By Kind Permission: Howard and Amanda Wooliams What 3 words:answers. skis.chitchat Description of ride: Please come and join us for a beautiful ride from the Woolliams farm in Evenlode. The ride will be suitable for the ground conditions at the time, and take into account the probable lack of fitness of horse and rider! Any jumping will be optional. Tea will be provided after. All welcome . Wednesday 17th August. 5.30pm move off Alscot Park Stables Alscot Park Preston on Stour Stratford - upon - Avon CV37 8BL By Kind Permisson: Mr & Mrs Andrew Holman-West What 3 Words: courts.centrally.agree Description of ride: Alscot Park is a beautiful backdrop for a warm summers ride to include some stunning views of surrounding Warwickshire countryside. There is no jumping available. . Booking via horse events.

When in the hunting field a red ribbon should be worn around your horse's tail if it is likely to kick. If your horse is young or green and you aren’t sure how they will react to being ridden in a group please do the same but with a green ribbon. Some people find tape to be more secure than ribbon.

These are warnings to others, however it is not the responsibility of others to avoid these horses but the responsibility of the riders to make sure that their mounts do no harm to others and for that reason it is recommended they stay to the back of the field. That said make sure you give everyone room, wearing a ribbon or not.

A useful signal to be aware of, if your horse may kick when crowded, say through a gateway or waiting for a jump then place one arm behind your back as a warning to others not to crowd you. It is also important to keep a safe distance from children who may be more vulnerable at a lower height and have less experience.

It’s not just other horses to consider, riders whether on new, old, young, green or experienced horses should turn them to face hounds and never allow a horse to kick a hound.